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 Welcome to The Oaks Store

The Oaks Store carries more than just textbooks!

Forget to bring a pen to class?  Or maybe you’d like to send a GOCC sweatshirt to your Dad for his birthday… No problem. The Oaks Store carries more than just your course materials!

The Oaks Store is located in the main hall just before you reach the Student Services Department.  The Oaks Store proudly serves students, faculty and staff by providing essential course materials, textbooks, school supplies, candy, and snacks. The Oak Store also carries a wide variety of GOCC apparel and gifts for the entire college community.

Buy your books with confidence from The Oaks Store!

When you get your books from The Oaks Store, you can be sure you are getting exactly what you need to be prepared for class.  The Oaks Store staff works closely with your faculty members to ensure you get the right books for all of your courses.  Their online bookstore offers you the option of ordering your books and having them ready for pickup at the bookstore or having them shipped to you. All book informationis available on-line the beginning of each term.     

The Oaks Store accepts Cash, Check, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover cards.

The Cashier/Business Office is also located inside The Oaks Store where you can pay your tuition and fees.